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The Application Process For SSD
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How To Apply For Social Security Disability Benefits

The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides the public with step-by-step instructions for applying online, in person or by phone. A look at the checklists provided for any method of application may make the process seem straightforward enough, and indeed, many people successfully apply without assistance by following directions. However, most applications are initially denied.

Preparing For A Complete Application

An application by any method of communication will give the applicant the first opportunity to present evidence of a disability or disabilities that prevent them from working full time as they did before. Among other things, the SSA asks filers to have the following available when applying:

  • Medical records; workers’ compensation records when applicable
  • Family makeup details (about one’s spouse and minor children) and alternate contact information
  • Employer and job history information
  • A list of medical conditions contributing to one’s disabilities
  • Bank account information and a credit card

(This representative summary is not intended to be comprehensive, but rather, indicative of the types and variety of details required for a complete application).

Why Work With Professionals When Applying For Social Security Disability Benefits

The SSA presents inquirers with a checklist to use when applying for SSD benefits through the internet, by phone or at an SSA office. At the same time, the agency encourages applicants not to delay applying once they believe they qualify. For the average person, an effort to be thorough may seem to be at odds with the goal of applying in a timely manner.

Doubts and questions can lead to procrastination. You may delay unnecessarily while asking yourself “Are these medical records complete enough?” or “Have I listed all the jobs I’ve had in recent years?” Alternatively, you might be tempted to do a hasty, careless job of applying in an effort to do so “without delay.” You may worry about whether statements you make in the beginning may ruin your chances of approval.

Unsurprisingly. the application process can be daunting despite the availability of detailed instructions from the SSA. To put your mind at ease and move forward with confidence to apply for your rightful disability benefits, contact our team of professionals at USA Disability Team, LLC. We partner with attorneys and other experts as appropriate to ensure that you put the best foot forward in your initial application. Since most applications are denied, we are also ready to help you move forward promptly and effectively in an appeal, if necessary.

We Aim To Simplify The Process While Maximizing Your Chances Of Success

Whether you have already applied, are preparing or are just thinking about applying for SSD benefits, our dedicated teams are here for you. Call us in Peoria, Arizona, at  800-248-5120 or use our easy online inquiry form to get the conversation started.